Calvary Christian School

Client: Calvary Christian School

Scope: Addition

Size: 5,000 SF

Completion: In Progress

Project Manager: Richard Berliner, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP


Berliner began work on a new maker building, lunch facility, and playground area at Calvary Christian School with a large visioning session to determine the needs of the school. One of the biggest issues to come out of the visioning session was the lack of lunch facilities and play areas. The school had been serving lunch for its 400 students in stages throughout the day. Berliner proposed a new lunch area and servery to serve all students more effectively.

The school had many programming needs to fit into the separate maker building. They were interested in a dedicated maker space, a large theater, and needed more storage. Berliner worked with school leaders and teachers to determine what we could program into the space they had.


Berliner worked with the school to maximize what we could program into the theater/multi-purpose building on the challenging hillside site. The building also needed to be designed to connect with another building to share resources, which further complicated the programming on the site. Berliner presented three initial concepts - a traditional option with a large theater and storage room, a more contemporary version that created indoor/outdoor spaces and connected to the hillside behind the building, and an option showing the maximum size the building would be allowed to be built at.


Calvary Christian eventually chose to combine the first two options, keeping their campus architectural vocabulary but incorporating more indoor/outdoor spaces and a non-traditional tiered floorplan with many smaller spaces working their way up the hillside. The option allowed the school to get all the different types of spaces they needed in a smaller footprint.